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the vegan movement is very white


the vegan movement is very white


veganism is not immune to colonization by white people but its origins do not run white

the origins of ethical veganism lie in Black activism and the cultures of People of Color all around the world including the Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Rastafarianism religions, the Diné and Choctaw tribes, and more.

in the zine “Veganism as Anti-Colonial Praxis”, Samah Seger writes “veganism offers an opportunity to disrupt colonial logic by challenging the most basic building blocks of colonialism, which reduce all life forms to mere objects for capitalist exploitation.” she and the other Indigenous authors continue to outline the many horrific ways that animal agriculture has been — and is still used — to further colonial violence. 

ideologies like Black Veganism promote food sovereignty and address structural barriers to help low-income communities transition away from nonnutritious but heavily-subsidized meat and dairy products. meanwhile, the devastating result of mass meat and dairy consumption in the west is disproportionately harming People of Color in the Global South.  

white non-vegans often tokenize and homogenize People of Color in order to justify their own inaction and lack of responsibility for harm that they choose to perpetuate. white people: romanticizing Indigenous cultures that hunted to survive is a form of covert racism. IT IS NOT ALLYSHIP.

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@aotearoaliberationleague: “As a result of the 2003 US invasion, an estimated 90% of Mandaeans left Iraq. We’re now dispersed around the world, struggling to maintain our traditions and culture. And food has always been central to us. I remember my family’s initial reaction to my veganism: “have we not given up enough?” Yes, we have given so much - but nonviolence is a gift, not a curse, one that can nourish our bodies and our souls. The only thing taken will be the power of our oppressors.”

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