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there is no ethical consumption under capitalism so going vegan is pointless


there is no ethical consumption under capitalism so going vegan is pointless


two words: harm reduction

capitalism will never be ethical, but ethics is not a binary (ethical vs. non-ethical): it’s a spectrum. animal agriculture causes more harm. more trees clear cut on Indigenous land. more watersheds drained. more emissions, pollution, & waste. more habitat ripped away from species on the brink of extinction. more animal and human suffering. those hit first and hardest by the climate crisis perpetuated by westerner’s taste for meat are racialized people in the global south. GOING VEGAN IS HARM REDUCTION.

veganism exists far beyond white consumerism. radical movements led by vegans of Color are disrupting the capitalist/colonialist status quo globally and intersectional philosophies like Black Veganism are gaining momentum.

unjust hierarchies are everywhere, including how we see ourselves as humans in relation to other living beings. it’s time to fight to end this hierarchy and the objectification and commodification of non-human animals by going vegan. A BETTER WORLD IS NECESSARY but it requires consistent anti-oppression, including anti-speciesism!

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