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vegan food is expensive, classist, and a luxury


vegan food is expensive, classist, and a luxury


vegan food often is the same or even less expensive than meat and dairy

tofu is now less expensive than ground beef in protein per dollar. fruits, vegetables, tvp, seitan, beans, grains, and nuts are more sources of cheap, tasty nutrition. the price gap between plant milk and dairy is closing too!

while gentrified, specialty, or "artisan" vegan products like fancy cheeses and meat substitutes are often expensive, so are their non-vegan counterparts. by avoiding the hype and sticking to the basics, delicious, nutritious vegan food can cost far less than a diet of animal products.

did you know that our government heavily subsidizes animal agriculture with billions of our tax dollars instead of funding nutritious, nourishing plant-based food, misleading us into thinking that meat and dairy are NOT expensive western luxuries? have you considered why a cheeseburger is cheaper than a pint of berries? in many countries this would be ridiculous.

animal products may appear cheap, but their long-term cost — in human and animal suffering, climate-crisis related disasters (which will cost us trillions over the next decades), mass extinction, and more — is EXTREME.

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