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you can be an animal lover and consume meat or dairy


you can be an animal lover and consume meat or dairy


when you buy meat or dairy you’re paying for the animals you love to be violated, tortured, and killed

99% of farmed animals are imprisoned on factory farms where workers frequently take their own lives because conditions are so bleak. animals are forcefully impregnated, endlessly, until their bodies can physically take no more and they die of fatigue. they’re kept in cages so incomprehensibly tiny and crowded that they simply cannot move. driven to cannibalism due to constant torture, workers respond by brutally mutilating animals’ teeth and beaks. ag-gag laws criminalize activists exposing these horrors (e.g. the Excelsior 4 who exposed the horrors at an abbotsford pig farm).

what’s more, “free range” and “ethical” are loosely regulated marketing terms at best. loopholes prevent any accountability to these animals’ lives.

these sweet creatures never see their parents or children, the light of day, or even a single day before they’re brutally killed, die from disease, or literally drown in their own waste. what if this were your dog? your cat? your children? these animals are intelligent, emotional beings and studies have shown that they grieve and feel fear & pain. the reality can seem hard to believe, so witness the truth for yourself at watchdominion.org.

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